About Us

In Vitro Speciality Lab Pvt. Ltd. (IVSLPL) is an ISO Certified, emerging network of standardized, world- class pathology labs having more than 30 primary healthcare collection centers spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra, with state-of-art laboratory facilities based in Ahmedabad, Anand & Surat.

At IVSLPL, we understand the importance of reliable, specific and accurate diagnostic data in complimenting the rapidly emerging health care system in India. Hence, our services are designed to provide world class laboratory assistance to the medical fraternity to help them in providing better diagnosis and precise treatment. At IVSLPL, we believe in SERVING FOR BETTER HEALTH.

The need for specific diagnostic tools and evaluation methods to be made available locally at various levels of care, is underrated. Customized diagnostic tools will not only helpthehealthcare community take rational and informed decisions but also reduce the time frame for making an accurate diagnosis thereby saving countless lives and associated resources. The limited availability of cutting edge and comprehensive diagnostic methods lead to inconclusivediagnostic prescription where delayed and ambiguous diagnosis lure patients into the vicious circle of perpetual tests and treatments thereby increasing the pressure on the current health system.

A perfect diagnostictic method should essentially be sensitive, specific, rapid, easy to perform, replicate & interpret while also being cost effective and high throughput.

Specific diagnostics should not only direct to comprehensive care but also improve the rationality of care. Services provided should be evaluated from the perspective of timeliness & its sucess in delivering appropriate care.

Accurate diagnostics tools should ideally reduce continued reliance on empirical patient care or irrational diagnostic prescriptions that not only waste scarce resources but also increase the burden on poor & vulnerable.